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Virtual Data Room

Web-based data room with controlled access to documents, their viewing, copying and other features...


A “Virtual Data Room” (VDR), is a highly secure web-based platform (online repository) which stores and distributes confidential and public documents or information for invited clients and contributors to perform faster and more efficient document due diligence.


it is commonly used during M&A (Merger and Acquisition) transactions, complex bids/transactions, bankruptcies, re-organisations or loan syndications. Users of the virtual data rooms could be accountants, lawyers, underwriters, CFO's, government agencies, banks, financial institutions, buyers and sellers.


VDR is a controlled environment using permission based rules for the users on both sides of the transaction, using a secure log-on which can be disabled at any time if a client withdraws or changes.


An electronic data room allows you to control access, viewing, copying and printing and set time limits on viewing and logging in. This allows you to have an auditable solution in a controlled environment. All information can be managed by adding or eliminating it at any stage. It opens up global markets without any need for purely face-to-face meetings and hardcopy document transanctions.



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