Advantages of the electronic data room - rj data rooms - virtual electronic data room

Advantages of the electronic data room

Key benefits of rj data rooms:


  • Speed. Virtual data room accelerates the transaction process and enables to reach the information by maximum number of potential buyers or other business partners;
  • Security. Enables to the clients to keep track of the access history and the access permissions to the shared content as well as to control of the viewer´s rights to adjust, save, copy, print or forward shared documents. All documents saved on the virtual data room are digitally signed in order to prevent unauthorized changes;
  • Flexibility. Virtual data room automatically notifies on newly uploaded data, enables immediately to revoke viewer´s access rights and/or to limit the access to certain documents;
  • Costs. rj data rooms provide savings by lowering the costs connected with maintenance of the physical data room, experts' travelling and/or shipping and/or courier fees for paper document handling;
  • Expertise. rj data rooms can provide contact with lawyers experienced in Czech and international law, including real estate law, all types of due diligence, corporate law, insolvency law and commercial law;
  • Quantity of shared data. rj data rooms enable to share documents and data larger than is possible to send by e-mail.



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